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What Got You Here, Won't Get You There

Roadway Challenges for Communities

In a recent visit to an upscale community in Orlando, we discovered a costly road maintenance plan. The community manager aimed to mill and overlay the entire road network, estimated at a staggering two to three million dollars. But is this the right approach for their roads? Let's find out.

Identifying the Right Treatment

The key issue is identifying the proper treatment for each road at the right time. We noticed a former engineer on their board driving the discussion, leading to the costly mill and overlay decision. Let's explore a smarter alternative to save valuable community resources.

Weathering Woes and Simple Solutions

Florida's climate brings weathering and raveling problems to the roadways. These minor issues can be quickly addressed with patching and rejuvenation, locking the pavement in good condition for years. It's time to rethink traditional approaches and embrace smarter, cost-effective solutions.

Networking and Learning

To make informed decisions, network, and seek advice from various community leaders. Please don't forget to rely solely on one individual's perspective, especially if they have vested interests. Learning from others' experiences and case studies can lead to significant savings and better road maintenance outcomes.

Paving the Way for a Smoother Future

Embrace preventive maintenance and preservation treatments. These techniques are no longer taboo or snake oil. Your roadway network can level up and maximize community resources by taking calculated risks and learning from successful examples. Let's work together to pave the way for better road conditions.

Author: James Golden, Founder and CEO of Pavement Management Group

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